After following some of my other interests, photography is what gave me a satisfaction I was looking for. What if you can make people happy with a lasting memory you capture ?

When I started photography several years back, I got support and advice of many wonderful people which helped me learn and grow. Along my slow journey through photos, many people’s encouraging comments made this, an even better experience day by day.

Amazed by the beauty in simplest things we could not see through the naked eye, the power of photos and how it made other people’s lives better, I continue to explore new areas and try new things while focusing mainly on weddings.

I will continue to “see through my new eyes”….

To support my work, I have a small team of photographers, who share similar interests and values, not just “people with cameras”.


The wedding day is the most special day in your life. We value the power of photos when captured at the right moment, and enjoy seeing value we could add to make lasting memories. Let’s take a look at some areas we think are important:


Role of a Wedding Photographer

A wedding coverage is not just taking some photos on a wedding day. We believe any wedding photographer should not be just a “person with a camera”. The process starts from getting to know the couple’s interests, style of photos preferred, while trying to ease out some of the stress on a wedding day by helping them with prior wedding planning and scheduling work. That’s where sharing previous experience helps, as its an occasion any couple would have once in their lifetime where they won’t get a chance to correct their mistakes.

A typical couple is not used for posing in front of a camera. So we would be directing them, showing them the photos and get confidence in them. Sometimes giving a helping hand even though its out of our expected duties.


Every Wedding is a Challenge

We cannot expect  “perfect” conditions for a photo shoot or a perfect location. We have been in locations that are small and tight, with no special attractions at first or what people call favorable light, and especially whether conditions that are challenging too. We do not get hours of time to wait for things to get perfect. At times we have to start shooting right away at a location we go the very first time too, while having to figure out the best possible shots at that instant itself. Even if its a location you have been, its a challenge not to keep on taking the same shot, even though its a new couple always.

No complains, we have to do the “best” on the day…


“Its their special day”…

A Typical wedding takes 7-8 hours. If its a morning wedding, this means we also have to get ready from early morning (eg: 3am or 4am) to start ‘getting ready’ photo shoot at around 5am. We try to take a quick breakfast, sometimes while traveling from a place to place for the next photo shoot or sometimes completely miss it even without realizing, as the focus is on getting the work done. Then the pre-event photo shoot of about 2-3 hours is done. In reality schedules might do not always work as smooth as they should, so its always the time allocated for the photographer, which is reduced. Once the event has started, carrying around ‘heavy’ camera gear with us it not fun, yet we follow the couple while capturing their emotions and the way guests enjoy too. By the time we get to sit and get even a 2-minute break, we might have spent a good 4-5 hours covering the wedding. Of course we are physically dead tired when it comes to an end of a wedding, still we are ready to capture the next moment right away.

“Its their special day”… This is something we try to remind ourselves, especially when we are feeling physically tired.


What Do We Capture on a Wedding Day ?

We want to capture the best moments, as it happens to get the actual emotions in that situation. We do not try to set up the shots and retake them during the event, as we always try not to interfere with the event flow. Main idea is to capture the true emotion, while letting the couple enjoy the time together.


How Many Photos are Taken ?

In an average wedding of around 8-9 hours, a total of 1500-2000 photos will taken. So you might wonder when its possible to include only around 200 photos in the wedding album, why do we take so many photos ? We take several shots of the same scene, as there are so many variations of photos that are worth capturing, though it is not possible to include them all in a album (due to physical size + weight limitations). Another reason is, in many situations we may not be able to get the best shot using a single photo due to various practical reasons (eyes closed, a guest comes in front etc). Even though its the easiest thing for us to capture only the photos that will be normally used in the album, we know how important each moment is, to the couple, to be remembered in years to come.


See all Facebook Reviews at: https://www.facebook.com/janaka.peiris.photography?sk=reviewsbreak-b

“You are one of a kind Janaka. Loved all your captures and the way you handled amateurs like us. Never felt stressed worried or disturbed. Like your pleasant smile which adorns your face irrespective of the situation. Thank you for the whole team for giving us more than what we expected. Wish all the success and very best. God bless you.”

Uditha Fernando


“We found Janaka very professional and approachable! He was the photographer we were looking for as we live in Australia, so we needed someone who can communicate with us promptly via email and who could answer all our queries. Janaka fulfilled this task well. On the day of the wedding shoot, Janaka left no stone unturned. He was dedicated and went above and beyond to make our day memorable. Janaka is very easy to work with because of his very friendly personality. He made us very comfortable on the wedding day shoot with his good sense of humor and flexible nature. We really enjoyed working with Janaka due to the final outcome we received and the excellent customer service we received.. We personally recommend him to anyone who is seeking a good photographer because working with him is good value for money! We wish Janaka the very best in his career!”
Ashan & Hasanthi- Australia

“Simply Perfect!!! Thank you so much for the great work Janaka! I am happy I gave the best gift to my sister on her big day!”
Amalie Nisansala Silva
“Best photography n Janaka u made our day The best! :) Thanks a million !”
Shimlah Farook Miyandad

“Now a days we hear so many stories about the hardships couples face when it comes to deal with the wedding photographers. Time wasters are very common and I have seen some guys waited for years to get there wedding albums done.

But it was not the case with Janaka. He was very professional all the time. We were planning to migrate after the wedding so we requested the photos done as quickly as possible. He quite well understood the situation and gave us the wedding albums done within 3 weeks. We never had to remind or call, he kept his word to the best. I am quite happy with Janaka’s service and would like to recommend to anyone.”
Rangana Gamage-Ambrose


“The very first day we saw the wedding albums you uploaded to FB, I was impressed with the natural snaps you have taken. The very first time we spoke to you I was more impressed by your professionalism. I knew I have made the right decision and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made when planning our Wedding and Homecoming. It was wonderful the way you planned our photo shoots giving us guidance not only to make your photo shoot a good one but also to plan our wedding day in a good way. Our wedding day was like a fairy tale. You and your team made it to an everlasting memory. I have seen many wedding photographers take the whole wedding into their custody and try to control the whole function just to get their work done but, you and your team did a great job at both of our Wedding and Homecoming by being a part of it and without spoiling the feeling and the kick of the two functions. Thank you for all your patience, wonderful photo memories, and the guidance and support given to us when planning our Wedding and Homecoming and specially for adjusting with our craziness at the two events and for capturing the best moments in the most beautiful & memorable days in our lives. We can recommend you to anyone without any doubt…. Wish you all the very best…!!! ”

Sandun & Piyumi

Link : https://www.facebook.com/janaka.peiris.photography/posts/668690003208752


“A professional wedding photographer.
He turned our wedding and the homecoming to an everlasting memory.”
Piyumi Chandrasiri

“An Amazing Photographer with lot of capabilities and superb vision….”
Dinesh Perera




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